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A qualitative process evaluation focused on systematically analyzing the Casas project processes and performance was conducted using archival information and semi-structured interviews. Sixty-two interviews were conducted, and grounded theory approach was applied for data analysis. We invite businesses in the community to Join Us with a Business Membership. Most people can’t, yet women have been creating visual, performance, and literary art throughout history. Still, Observatorio Laboral program shows that in 2021, female representation among employed professionals varies from less than 1% to almost 60% across computing and engineering fields. The lowest female representation in employed professionals were observed in automotive, marine and aeronautical engineering (0.9%), electricity and energy generation (7.3%), civil engineering and construction (8.8%), and electronics and automation (9.3%). Women are better represented among occupied professionals in the fields of chemical engineering (41.9%), environmental engineering and technology (43%), and food industry (59.9%).

If all countries’ commitments were in a similar range, warming would reach up to 3°C by the end of the century. As one of the world’s top 15 emitters of greenhouse gases, Mexico is contributing to the climate crisis that is taking a growing toll on human rights around the globe. Since President López Obrador took office, the National Council on People with Disabilities, the principal government body coordinating efforts to implement disability rights, has been effectively non-operational. The López Obrador administration has been illegally expelling thousands of asylum seekers to Guatemala without due process, including many who were first expelled from the US into the custody of Mexican authorities. Women and pregnant people face many barriers when trying to access abortion, even when it is legal.

She isn’t necessarily opposed to independent investors, just against instability. It’s also important, she thinks, to find the balance between Mexican players leaving for other leagues and Liga MX Femenil both retaining the best Mexican players and attracting top international talent. (López Obrador falsely claimed in November 2021 that a deal to end forest loss by 2030 reached at the global climate summit in Glasgow was inspired by “Sowing Life”.) Law enforcement actions to curb illegal deforestation drastically diminished in recent years. Schools were closed in Mexico from March 2020 to August 2021, and classes were broadcast on television and radio. Although 94 percent of Mexican households have television, a lack of affordable internet access left many children, especially those in low-income households or with disabilities, unable to fully participate in education. Many teachers protested the re-opening, at the height of the third wave of reported Covid-19 deaths.

In August 2020, the López Obrador government recognized the committee’s jurisdiction to consider cases from Mexico, allowing families of victims to submit cases to the committee once they have exhausted their legal options domestically. In November 2019, the Senate named Rosario Piedra Ibarra to head the National Human Rights Commission . Many human rights defenders called her appointment unconstitutional, saying that, as a former senior member of the president’s party, she is too close to the administration to be autonomous and apolitical. As a result of the commission’s work, the General Law for Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence was signed in 2007. Moreover, over the past seven years, the killing of minors has been on the rise for both girls and boys.

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  • He is with the Regional Center for Public Health Research at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health.
  • KC is a visiting professor in the Department of Biology at Fort Lewis College where she teaches social science and health science courses.

Furthermore, to protect the confidential nature of the information, all translators were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) is the only program and fund of its kind in New Mexico that works to advance opportunities for women and girls statewide so they can lead self-sufficient, healthy, and empowered lives.

Most important issues facing women and girls in Mexico as of 2019

Only 5.2 percent of crimes committed in Mexico are solved, the nongovernmental group México Evalúa reports. Causes of failure include corruption, inadequate training and resources, and complicity of prosecutors and public defenders with criminals and other abusive officials. Several high-profile femicides in early 2020, including the killing of a minor, sparked major demonstrations against gender-based violence across Mexico. There were at least 359 demonstrations of this kind in 2020 and 239 in 2021, with protests peaking around March each year.

Although few similarities were observed between the project’s original model of service delivery and regionally specific implementation, the qualitative evaluation of this model of care noted important positive processes and performance at different levels. Most notably, the Casas facilitated indigenous women’s access to referrals to other institutions for emergency obstetric care and in cases of violence. The work of the community promoters increased the number of births in health centers and regional hospitals as well as legal referrals and the filing of domestic violence complaints with local authorities.

Indigenous peoples’ rights

WGH Mexico actively participates in the meetings of WGH Latin America chapters, through the leadership of Frida María Vizcaíno-Ríos. The Mexican chapter together with WGH Chile, WGH Bolivia, and WGH Brazil, co-coordinated the Webinar of International Women’s Day “8 M” with the subject “Gender equity for universal health coverage”. One of WGH Mexico’s allies, Karla Berdichevsky, Director of the former Institute of Gender Equity and Sexual and Reproductive Health from the national government of Mexico, facilitated the perspective on gender equity challenges in the Mexican health system. By the time I hired her, she had already spent six months as a student abroad in an English-speaking country. She is also able to speak with our clients (85% of whom speak only English), our vendors , truck drivers (80% Spanish-only, even in the US), and others with equal calm, confidence, and effectiveness. Even though she is only 25, she effectively runs almost our entire logistics operations, managing more than 20 moves at the same time.

Mexico fires women’s team manager Vergara

The Interior Minister reported that by October, 1,506 people were beneficiaries of the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, of whom 1,011 were human rights defenders. He announced reforms to consolidate the Mechanism and strengthen investigations into attacks against defenders. The whereabouts of human rights defenders Grisell Pérez Rivera, Claudia Uruchurtu Cruz and Irma Galindo, who disappeared in March and October in the states of Mexico and Oaxaca, remained unknown at the end of the year.

The government continued to make public statements attacking civil society organizations, the media, human rights defenders and academics, as well as women protesting against gender-based violence. There were repeated reports of excessive use of force by police officials when detaining people or policing protests and by members of the National Migration Institute and the National Guard against migrants. Women and girls continued to face high levels of gender-based violence and criminal investigations for feminicides remained inadequate. Between 36.8% to 98.3% of the indigenous populations in the regions served by the Casas experience high or very high marginalization .

19, when the chapter first leaders met at the Women Leaders in Global Health Conference in Rwanda, earlier that year. The founders aimed to increase Mexican women’s participation in national and global leadership. They sought to consolidate a network of Mexican women leaders in health, promote women’s empowerment, and empower new leaders. Our activities and workshops aim to build capacity and expertise in human rights and health, gender perspective, self-care, and empowerment. We seek to generate spaces to develop emerging Mexican female leaders in global health. UN Women in Mexico works, to accelerate compliance with international commitments regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment, with the three branches of government, civil society – especially with women’s organizations – academia and UN agencies.

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